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Silver Point , TN , United States

The Westview Cottage Experience on Center Hill Lake offers more than you can possibly fit into one trip, so plan to come back often! There are several breathtaking waterfalls within an hours drive, three state parks in the area, several recreation areas, and more hiking trails than you can possibly count! Just around the corner you can rent jet skis, pontoon boats and ski boats to enjoy on the lake or you can rent a canoe or kayak to enjoy on the river. Bring your own boat and launch at Hurricane Marina, just one mile away. Bring your own canoe, kayak, or paddle board and launch them into the lake just below the house down our private lake trail or fish on the rocks just below the house or bring your camp chair and just sit on the rocks beside the lake and enjoy the sun and swimming! (Note: There is NO private dock at Westview Cottage. The Army Corp of Engineers that manages Centerhill Lake does not allow private docks. The trade off is one of the most beautiful and pristine shorelines that you could imagine!) There is some of the best fishing found anywhere in the U.S., both on the lake or just below the Dam on the Caney Fork River, known for its trout fishing. There are antique stores, wineries, beautiful golf courses, local festivals, arts and educational facilities, horseback riding, fun local restaurants and much, much more! All of this is within several minutes drive or walk, that is, if you want to leave the relaxation of Westview Cottage itself! Click on the recommendations and events links provided on this site for more details on all of the fun and attractions.

Westview Cottage is located near the end of a one mile long SINGLE LANE drive. Please drive carefully and go slowly. Meeting other vehicles and wildlife are a good possibility. There is enough parking on the driveway for 5 vehicles. There is parking on the lane above the drive for two additional vehicles. SPECIAL NOTE: If you are pulling a boat trailer or trailer of any type you will want to park it at the nearby Hurricane marina (where there is plenty of trailer parking) BEFORE turning onto Hurricane lane where Westview Cottage is located. Turning a trailer around on Hurricane Lane is VERY difficult!

DeKalb County, Tennessee is located in central middle Tennessee on the Highland Rim, a beautiful part of rural Tennessee made up of lush green forests and hills, crystal clear streams and a beautiful pristine lake. DeKalb County is the home of Center Hill Lake, a 64 mile long reservoir with 415 miles of largely undeveloped shoreline and 18,200 acres of deep, pure water – the ideal habitat for many species of fish. The lake offers a wide variety of sporting opportunities including boating, fishing, water-skiing, camping, picnicking, hiking and swimming. Additional attractions located on the lake are Edgar Evins State Park and Center Hill Dam. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the dam on the Caney Fork River in 1949, and the Corps still owns and maintains the entire area.This is the same time period that Westview Cottage was built.

In addition, there is an abundant supply of wildlife that not only adds to the natural beauty of DeKalb County, but is also favored by sportsmen during the many diverse hunting seasons available.

Smithville, Tennessee, the county seat of DeKalb County, Tennessee, is world renowned for its annual Fiddlers' Jamboree and Craft Festival, held on the first weekend in July. The Fiddlers' Jamboree is a two-day festival of pure Appalachian crafts, music and dance, and contestants from all over the United States come to participate in the fun. The small town of 4,000 swells to nearly 80,000 over the two days, and an atmosphere of fellowship and fun surrounds the festivities. One of the chief agricultural products produced in DeKalb County is the nursery stock used for landscaping. In fact, DeKalb County is widely known as The Nursery Capital of the World!


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